More “Pro-life”

Aaron Gouveia and his 16-weeks-pregnant wife went to a women’s clinic in Brookline, Mass. for an abortion after discovering that their baby had a congenital deformity with no chance for survival. On their way in, they were confronted by images of dismembered fetuses and two women yelling, “You’re killing your unborn baby!” Enraged, Gouveia decided to confront the protesters while his wife was in surgery, and he caught the whole interaction on his cellphone.

Why aren’t these assholes protesting gun dealers who sell to straw purhasers? Seriously, why aren’t they in the gun control movement working to prevent people from being killed? Did the victims give up their right to life after they were born?

Instead, they harass people who are making personal decisions about speculative lives.

Needless to say, I have loads of problems with the “pro-life” crowd and love this video.

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