Yet another quiz.

This time from the Union of Concerned Scientists

What do you know about global warming? Can you tell FACT from SCIENCE FICTION? Want a free “Got Science?” sticker?

Take the true or false quiz that pits your knowledge of global warming against public officials, media personalities, and political hacks. See if you can tell who’s “Got Science” versus who’s spreading propaganda that’s “Not Science” about global warming.

Get a free “Got Science?” sticker — no matter how well you do on the quiz. I did (5 out of 5!!)!

It’s by the Union of Concerned Scientists and CREDO, so you know it’s the real deal. Check it out:

Good luck on the quiz!

I know enough people out there who will take this quiz. And if I can get George Monbiot to take it and spread the word…

Or is this beneath him?  Betcha he does as well as I did!

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