More iPlayer fun!

I’m finding that the –mode flashvhigh command is producing really super results these days. The flashhd mode isn’t that reliable, but it is my first choice since it produces an HD recording.

So, it seems that working with a hierarchy of of flashhd > flashvhigh > flashhigh . flashstd produces the best results in terms of quality.

Although, I think the quality in general is getting much better.

Also, it would be nice to have a commentor tell me the exact way to update rtmpdump. I’ve tried replacing the 2.2 files with 2.3, but I am not sure of my success.

I’m passing on This bit of advice came in the get_iplayer digest:

However, after reading through the various threads I *have* been able
to download HD, the steps I followed were:
1) Run the get_iplayer installer to upgrade to the latest version
2) Edit (by default in c:\program files\get_iplayer)
using notepad and replace 19216 with 21576. This repicates the change
made by Steven Luo in the GIT repository to support HD
3) Delete my existing .swinfo file.
In vista I found this at c:\users\\.swinfo
In XP I found this at c:\documents and settings\\.swinfo
4) I upgraded to the latest windows version of rtmpdump (2.3) by
downloading it from and extracting the
files into the existing C:\Program Files\get_iplayer\rtmpdump-2.2d
directory. To be honest I’m not sure whether this step is needed, but
I didn’t check whether things were working until I’d done it!

I’ve tried it, but have to admit that I think the rtmpdump update is where I am having an issue. Either that, or the Beeb is sabotaging the HD streams. Not that I think that is the case. It is more likely that the HD material is incredibly popular causing a lot of demand on the Beeb’s servers.


Posted 12/12/2010 by lacithedog in BBC iplayer, iplayer, RTMPDump

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