Walking in a winter wonderland!

OK, Europe is having an incredibly cold and snowy “winter” (even though it hasn’t passed the Solstice–meaning it’s still autumn).  That has the climate change deniers saying things such as “how can there be global warming when it’s this cold?”

The problem is that this is a misunderstanding of the topic since it isn’t as much global warming as it is climate change.   The real proof that this is happening is in the extremes in temperature,  which is what I pointed out in my White Christmas, weather anomalies, and General chaos post. While I can get into all the snow and the incredibly likely possibility of a white christmas, there is the extreme heat we see in summer time as well. Unfortunately, people aren’t taking the proper notice when they read stories such as this one. People should be noticing that the real issue is “climate change” not “global warming” and stop fixating on all the “nice” snow.

Especially since the “nice” snow is disrupting the hell out of transportation in Europe (and this too!). Climate change is going to effect everyone, especially economically.

The most troubling aspect is that there is a batch of climate change deniers who have been elected to the US legislature. The hope is that they will have hearings where the evidence will be shown and explained in a way that these idiots will understand it. Although, the real fear is that there will be more talk when now is a time for action to be taken. Of course, that action needs to be a drastic change in lifestyle.

Blair’s a weasel, but…

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