I Know you read this

Since I see links coming in from the BBC when I mention various programmes.

…And I know you buggers hate things such as get_iPlayer since you just did something to block ipdl.exe downloads.

On the other hand, there is still the problem of “video piracy” and that people can still download using tools other than the official BBC iPlayer. For example, I wanted a HD download of Howard Goodall’s The Truth About Christmas Carols. Despite your best efforts, I was able to download an HD version which had some pixel errors. Still, I was able to locate HD copies with the following filenames:


And I am annoyed as hell about the official iPlayer since I favourited Dig 1940, but I missed episode 2. The series Catch up seems to be missing for some reason (never mind episode 1 will rebroadcast this Tuesday). No matter, a quick search came up with a download, in HD, for the show.

Unlike the official iPlayer with its attempts at DRM, the unofficial downloads out there are freely available. And sometimes much more reliable than the official downloads!

So, your efforts at blocking the third party software seems to be a total flop since someone with a DVR can record a programme in HD and then broadcast it to the world via the internet.

Anyway, none of this should be news to you lot, but it annoys me that the official iPlayer is fairly useless. Not to mention that one came come up with the material through other means anyway. Enough of my rant, but the effort should work on the quality of the iPlayer rather than trying to prevent people from having access to the material.

BTW, I see Michael Portillo’s Great British Railway Journeysis being rebroadcast, which I should have been clued into since my Michael Portillo, Bradshaw’s Guide, and Great British Railway Journeys post is receiving more hits than usual. That’s because I link to a PDF of the Bradshaw’s Guide Portillo uses.

Why don’t you sell a reprint of that guide??????

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