So, I Sez to th’ Bird, if she was gan drown them poopies, I’d taak th’ one with th’ pink nose.

That joke is soooo oooollllllddd.

The Bird in question is Gypsy Rose Lee (AKA Rose Louise Hovick).

While she is known for having been a stripper, it’s a footnote that she bred Chinese Cresteds! She also founded one of the first kennels dedicated to breeding Chinese Crested dogs in the U.S, “Lee”, which was sold after her death to Mrs. Ida Garrett and Debora Wood. She is also given credit for having introduced the breed to the US.  Here she is with a few of her dogs:

This means I have a connection to her since my dogs have all been descendants of hers.

And where the title for this post comes from is that Laci has a pink nose.

Seems appropriate!

Ta ennyway!!

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