Freedom is not being held at gunpoint.

On 29 January 1979, the song I don’t Like Mondays was written about a school shooting at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, California where the shooter’s explanation for her actions was “I don’t like Mondays; this livens up the day.”

Unlike other Britain and former British Colonies, nothing is done about mass shootings and assassinations.  Here is a list of assassinated US Politicians and attempts on the Presidents since 1980:

Allard Lowenstein (1980) – Ex-congressman from New York
Russell G. Lloyd Sr. (1980) – Ex-mayor  of Evansville, Ind.
Ed King (1986) – Mayor of Mount Pleasant, Iowa
Robert Smith Vance (1989) – U.S. federal judge
Tommy Burks (1998) – Tennessee State Senator
Derwin Brown (2000) – Sheriff-elect of DeKalb County, Ga.
James E. Davis (2003) – New York City Councilman
Bill Gwatney (2008) – Chairman  of Arkansas Democratic Party
John Thornton (2010) – Mayor of Washington Park, Ill.
John Roll (2011) – U.S. Federal Judge

Ronald Reagan (1981)
George H. W. Bush (1993 – thwarted mid-attempt)
Bill Clinton (Twice in 1994, 2006)
George W. Bush (Twice in 2001, 2005, 2008 – 2001 and 2008 attempts foiled mid-attempt)
Barack Obama (2008 – attempt thwarted at plotting stage)

No other country with a population of over 50 million has had as high a number of political assassinations or attempted assassinations (Compare to UK). The same thing can be said about mass shootings such as Coumbine, Virginia Tech, and the Gifford Assassination attempt where Judge Roll was assassinated.  Maybe it’s because other countries have gun control.

On the other hand, no other country has lax firearms laws that allow for people who are mentally disturbed to have access to firearms.  To quote Bill Mann:

“Any country with as many mentally ill people as the U.S. that allows virtually unlimited access to handguns is on a suicide mission.”

If the US carnage from gun violence is the cost of freedom–I’ll take the alternative.

I think that a society where one doesn’t have to worry about whether some lunatic is packing heat with the ability to kill a vast amount of people is one which is free. Unfortunately, people in the US know that they can be shot in the back of their mind. On the other hand, they attribute mystic properties to firearms which are unrealistic.

After all, where were all the armed citizens to stop the assassination of Judge Roll and attempt on Gabrielle Giffords?

(Oh dear, there was one: Armed Giffords hero nearly shot wrong man–Joe Zamudio rushed to the scene and saw a man with a gun — but he wasn’t the shooter )

Let’s hope this is the year people wake up to the lies of the US gun lobby.

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