Rachel Maddow on Mass Shootings

I strongly suggest the post Important Data Trends the NRA Doesn’t Want You To Know

Where’s the NRA? [from Commongunsense}
So where is the NRA in our national discussion about the Tucson shootings? Nowhere as far as I can see. Have they been on Fox News? Have they been on ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC? No. Have they made any commentaries in our national newspapers about the shootings? No. I watched this morning as Brady Campaign President Paul Helmke was interviewed by MSNBC hosts Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie. It was stated several times that the NRA was asked to appear but had refused. The invitation was issued by Todd that they could come on any time. Why won’t the NRA show up to talk about the recent carnage in Tucson caused by bullets?

What would they say?
Would they want to talk about the law in Arizona that allows anyone over 21 to carry a loaded gun in public?
Would they want to talk about the fact that Jared Loughner was carrying a semi-automatic weapons with several ammunition clips containing more than 30 bullets each?
Would they want to talk about how they lobbied hard and successfully to allow the Assault Weapons Ban to lapse in 2004? Would they want to talk about the fact that those same ammunition clips were banned from import and manufacture under the Assault Weapons Ban?
Would they want to talk about why any law abiding citizen needs to have ammunition clips that are designed to kill many people at once?
Would they want to talk about the fact that someone as mentally unstable as Loughner can easily purchase any kind of gun he wants under our nation’s lax gun laws?
Would they want to talk about the fact that the fear perpetrated by the NRA’s continued mantra that President Obama will take away your guns has resulted in a 60% increase in Arizona sales of the same Glock pistol used in the Tucson shootings?

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