TaDa! I love you Michael Portillo and Great British Railway Journeys!

Oh yes, and the BBC, but there’s some nepotism there! Not to mention they are the ones sending me quite a few of the hits. Well, the Series is responsible for the vast majority of them!

Yes, I pay my TV licence fee religiously!

Anyway, the Michael Portillo, Bradshaw’s Guide, and Great British Railway Journeys post is raking up the stats becoming the most visited (1,895 views) and giving me the most hits in a day (195 on a day with 343 hits on 7/1/11)! Not that mentioning that post is total shameless self-promotion since that is the one with the links to a PDF copy of Bradshaw’s Guide.

The man and the book

OK, fellow fans, that is indeed the book used by our man, Michael Portillo. You can download a copy using the links and follow along with him.

I have been trying to get away from the reputation I have for being a Second Amendment blog since I have strong feelings about the lack of gun control in the US. Fortunately, it’s been a while since I’ve had a septic try to persuade me of the benefits of lax gun laws: mass shootings and assassinations. And don’t forget that gun I have for protection is more likely to kill a family member.

Nevermind, it makes me feel good that I can pass on the links to the book to fellow enthusiasts and save them the trouble of having to hunt for a copy of something which is extremely scarce.

So, thank you everyone.

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