get_iplayer not recording?

OK, there has been a lot of discussion on the get_iplayer listserve about get_iplayer not recording.  I’m not responding to the listserve, but blogging about it for a few reasons.

First off, this failure is intermittent and unpredictable.  That is some of my computers experience it, and others do not.  I have been able to record HD material on one computer, yet I copy my get_iplayer files to another computer and it only can record flashvhigh.

Another computer is totally unable to record altogether.

I will admit to multiple variables here since I use around 4-5+ OSs, but that shouldn’t make a difference since my two ubuntu based machines give me different results and they are on the same version of Ubuntu.

And the one machine which is more effective at recording is still using the old version of get_iplayer!

I will say that the video quality can suffer with some recordings.  I’m not sure of the technical term for what I am having, but it is downright annoying.

I don’t really have the time or patience to try and suss out the reasons for this, but I thought I would get it out in the iPlayer community. I know that people who are better situated for addressing these issues are working on them.  Still, I would like to think that results would be consistent rather that totally eccentric.


Posted 16/01/2011 by lacithedog in BBC iplayer, get_iplayer, iplayer

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