Vegetarian Haggis????

Burns’ Night is fast approaching. The menu is pretty standard, but this year I am adding Richard T’s Orkney Fudge Cheesecake to the menu.

And while I am a green, I do have to admit that vegetarianism leaves me flat, which is partially where this post originates. We went to a Burns’ Night celebration last year where the host served vegetarian haggis. That defeats the purpose, but most people are revolted before they try it by the contents of haggis.

That means there is some difficulty in locating people who want to share the pleasures of REAL HAGGIS: especially outside of Scotland.

Anyway, I am all for cutting down on the amount of fat in my diet, red meat, and so on, but every so often, I have to have the real deal. Turkey Bangers are nice on a regular basis, but sometimes I want a nice Cumberland sausage. One can only live so long on veggies before breaking down and wanting a New York sized hot pastrami sandwich.

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