Michael Portillo’s great Great British Railway Journeys is out on DVD!

OK, I made a plug for this DVD in my last post, but it isn’t really commercial.

First off, I’m not making any money for this. It’s partially in gratitude for Michael linking to my site–seriously racking up my stats.

It’s also because I have been moaning that the BBC has taken its dear sweet time in releasing this (and other) material on DVD. I’m not sure how much money has haemorraged from the sales because most of the first series is available as download. I have read that Britain had a fairly bad problem with video piracy with half the population admitting to it.

The problem is that piracy is a two edged sword in that it may actually stimulate commercial purchase–the free window may be a useful marketing ploy. People may sample a programme and decide to buy the DVD. Also, it can increase the audience size: e.g., programme comes out such as Great British Railway Journeys and it is seen by hobbyists outside the UK via download.

I think the issue of piracy is a lot more complicated than just simple downloading. I also think there needs to be better methods of addressing the demand for the content than is out there.

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