The real issue with my iPlayer

It wasn’t the BBC or get-iPlayer, but my new ISP. Or should I say, my new internet connection. There was a switch from DSL to wireless. While my wireless connection is excellent, it was a little too good.

I live less than half a kilometre from several towers, which was confusing my wireless modem.

The simple fix was to contact my service provider and get them to lock the modem to one tower. It works a treat now.

Iplayer is working a charm. But it wasn’t any of the typical issues, but something related to how I connect to the internet. That makes me glad I didn’t clog up the get-iplayer listserve. Anyway, I had pretty much tried all the suggested fixes with no joy.

That doesn’t stop my rants on the official iPlayer, DRM, and BBC’s misguided management.

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