BBC iPlayer to offer ITV material

A young Jeff Rawle. What character was he in the Harry Potter series?

In case you missed it, this is the big news in the iPlayer community. I do have to admit agreeing with the Inquirer’s comment that “Middle class, middle aged people will be outraged that the great unwashed’s commercial telly has found its way onto the BBC’s Iplayer, and Youview might be worried too.” Part of me is happy that programmes such as Time Team will be accessible through the official iPlayer (probably not get_iplayer). On the other hand, most of ITV seems to be US offerings with the good stuff getting repackaged as BBC on US public TV (false labeling that).



Here’s the BBC’s take on it:

Mixed feelings on my part. I have a lot of “brand loyalty” to the BBC with most of my viewing being BBC material. I don’t write off the independents, but I can make do without them. On the other hand, it is nice to have access to their programmes for those treasures which poor, ignorant Yanks are deceived into believing are BBC productions (e.g. the Original Upstairs, Downstairs was produced by London Weekend). My old fav, Billy Liar was also an ITV production, but it was remade for US audiences.

Also, I don’t think that the availability of ITV material is going to make me more likely to use the official version of iPlayer over get_iplayer. Maybe if they do something about the DRM and offer a purchase service for material past the 30 day “catch up date”.


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