The Tudors are back!

I've always wanted to put this picture in the window of my loo.

Not the real dynasty, but the TV costume drama, pseudohistorical soap opera version–The Tudors. There is enough attention to history that you can keep up with the show after missing a series (or two, or three), but it takes enough liberty that it drives anyone with a background in history barmy.

There is supposed to be salacious and kinky story of a “may-December” love. Modern minds are shocked by the fact that Catherine Howard was 17 when she married Henry VIII, who was 33 at the time. Add in the allegations that she had a sexual relationship with Henry Mannox, her music teacher, when she was between the ages of 11 and 16.

When Catherine was learning on the spinet to play…

Come on, Henry’s Grandmother, Lady Margaret Beaufort, was married for the first time at age 7 (and you thought that was a joke in Blackadder I). Talk about playing house! That marriage was annulled and Lady Margaret was deemed to have “married” for the “first” time when she married Edmund Tudor at 14.

The age of consent is a fairly modern concept which was set in the victorian times at 13 years old in the UK and the age was set at 18 in the US in 1920![1]

There is enough juice in the real story that it doesn’t need too much embellishment. After all, there was that messy divorce between Henry and Ann Boleyn which led to a really screwed up daughter. You really buy that all that “I’m married to England” came from being a strong woman instead of seeing how divorce can ruin a family?

I’m just waiting for cousin Tenpole to show up in the series.  I can see the series’s Henry and him getting wild–‘oorah, ‘oorah, ‘oorah, Yea!

I do have to add that Edward Tudor-Pole did a great job as Spike Milligan in The Life and Death of Peter Sellers.



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