Don’t confuse me with japete, Baldur Odinson, or MikeB302000…

Or even JadeGold.

Quite frankly, I am not interested in hearing from you if you can’t say something intelligent. What you say is not well thought out or even accurate (I do cite check you). In other words, I find most of you very tedious and annoying.

One of the reasons that I made the move from blogspot to here was that I have the ability to block people from commenting, which is something that I do.

So, unless you can offer intelligent and constructive comments or can say something interesting and informative, don’t waste your time doing such as your comments end up in the electronic dustbin without being read.

Personally, I find blog comments to be like my dog and her pee mail. She stops and smells and adds her excrement to the pile.

Posted 23/02/2011 by lacithedog in comments

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