Breast Milk Ice Cream?

I’m not sure what to say about this product, but it came to my attention when I came home and turned on my computer to my BBC London Homepage. This story caught my eye. Unfortunately, the BBC doesn’t make it easy to post their stories. Here’s the ITN version from when the stuff went on sale:

As of 1 March 2011 at 13:56 ET, the stuff was yanked from the shelves by Westminster City Council:

The whole concept sounds a bit over the top and I’m not sure how to describe it once you get past “Breast Milk Ice Cream” as I don’t consider it to be a dairy product. This is despite Icecreamist’s owner, Matt O’Connor’s, assurances that the product is “pure”, “organic”, “all natural”, and “free range”. The ITN story states that the “donors” are screened for “to hospital standards”.

Mr O’Connor, said: “We have had an amazing response – many women have come forward and offer to give us milk.”

“You can buy alcohol and tobacco but not breast milk in Westminster.”

I’m not sure what else to add about this product other than I am not the only person who is noting this story as clicking the tag Breast Milk Ice Cream shows.

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