Greg Hemphill’s Films of Scotland

One of the iPlayer treats that I am finally catching up on is Greg Hemphill’s Films of Scotland where he does a survey of films from the Scottish Screen Archive. Greg is a comedian and has been seen on Chewin’ the Fat along with that show’s spinoff Still Game. He is seen as the drunk in the below video (if you can tell me what that episode was, I would be grateful–I think it’s from Series 3).

The Films of Scotland show delves into the Scottish Film Archives to look at the 150 documentary Films made by Scottish Film Board between 1938 and 1982. He takes various topics about Scottish life, such as War films and Leisure, in the six part series. Greg knows his Scottish film history and it’s fun watching the films with him. Still, I was curious about more details about the films, which led to me looking up ‘Travelpass – It’s Just The Ticket’ as well as one of its “stars”, Taggart’s Alex Norton (DCI Matt Burke).

The fun bit is that you can watch most of the films that Greg mentions at the Scottish Screen Archive site. You can enjoy the Travelpass theme song, and the rest of the music that was made just for that film! Unfortunately, Clydescope, the 1974 Clyde travel documentary featuring Billy Connolly, is not available for viewing. I would add that I think the Scottish Screen Archive’s search engine could do with some tweaking. I tried to find the 1957 film, Scotland Dances, (narrated by Gordon Jackson from Upstairs/Downstairs and the Professionals) and had better results using Google. In fact, Google was better at finding these films than the Archive’s search engine.

I doubt that this show has the cult appeal of The Great British Railway Journeys, but it is nice being able to see the films

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a Scottish Film Classic, but…

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