I wanted Scotland the Brave

instead you’re getting Jesse Rae’s Over the Sea:

Note the Twin Towers in the background! And I will make no bones about it, anything with Eilean Donan in it is OK with me, no matter how inaccurate or awful it may be (Elizabeth the Golden Age). Having Eilean Donan in it was the only redeeming fact about that film.

He did do a track, Scotland The Brave/Idio-syn-crazy, which I can’t find the video. Although, you have a taste of it in this video:

And Jesse rapping a Rabbie Burns poem!

More Jesse!

I think I saw some of those people on the Alexandria Scottish Walk!

Jesse’s official website: http://www.jesserae.co.uk/
Jesse on Wikipedia
Jesse’s Youtube page
The Eilean Donan Webcam

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