The Variety of Scots Accents

The wide variety of Scottish Accents:

David Tennant:

Andrew Marr:

The above is a twofer with Gordon Brown

Phil Kay:

Note the broader Scottish accents from the workers.

Neil Oliver:

Limmy (AKA Brian Limond):

Alas, you have to go here for Rab C. Nesbitt.

I do not think that the people with the less pronounced accents (Tennant, Kay, Brown, Marr, and Kay’s “accents”). Mine is a bit more of a mix of British accents though.

Not to forget this from the Goodies featuring scottish actor, Stanley Baxter and Graeme Garden is also Scottish–“You must be English tourists here for the monster”:

I like the breeding sporrans. Mine seem to be doing the same thing.

Frequent Commentor Richard T in another of his excellent comments provides the following examples:

John Laurie

“Every town in England has a stroppy Scotsman–They’re either Lawyers or Solicitors”


Maggie Smith in the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Echos of a future role with THAT accent!  While another fav, Gordon Jackson, is in that scene, he says not a word. So, here he is:

Jackson is probably best known as Hudson on the Original Upstairs, Downstairs, but he had a long and varied career. My first memory of him was as Ian D’eath in the Avenger’s Episode Castle Death

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