OK, I tend to avoid reading the stats for this blog, but my curiousity gets the better of me every so often.  Mostly because I am curious as to what people read when they come here.  It’s usually not what I consider my better posts, but what the heck?

In this case, I had a funny surprise in that the BBC (which sends me a fair mount of traffic) did it with my post: You can save your money.  That post is about the Production of Anna Nicole Smith the Opera which was presented at the Royal Opera House.  You can save your money since the opera was broadcast by the BBC. Note the referrer,

That is the BBC’s site for the broadcast.  You need to blow up the picture to see the Buzz about this programme–Discussion on Blogs (on right) has a link to You can save your money.

The amusing bit is that the post only netted 4 views with the top three views being:
Home page 30
Was Anne of Cleves really a dog? 20
Michael Portillo, Bradshaw’s Guide, and Great British Railway Journeys 9

I never fail to be amazed by what people choose to read!

Rereading the You can save your money post, my guess is that my making a comment that the BBC gives you value for your licence fee was what did the trick.  After all, you can see a sold out Covent Garden Opera for less than one ticket would cost if you pay your licence fee!

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