I’m not sure why I would get worked up about Mexican food and Cinco de Mayo since I am about as far away from that part of the world as I can get. I dated a Texan and was sent to San Antonio for a week in the military (and missed all the fun stuff). That said, I loathe Texas. Although, Northern California is OK. There was an Irish Brigade that fought for the Mexicans, but I’m not really Irish: it’s pan-Celtic unity. Personally, I wish that the Mexicans had kicked the US’s arse during the Mexican American War in the hope that a chastened US would have been far less belligerant that it is these days.

But that’s beside the point, Epicurious published A Cinco de Mayo Celebration. Epicurious being the home of the defunct Gourmet magazine, which was where I learned to appreciate Easter as Passover for Goys with their menu from A Different Night. But the real vindication comes in their taste test choice for salsa. They chose Green Mountain Gringo’s Medium Salsa as being the best, which I agree. They missed Nana’s Cocina Traditional Tortilla Chips in their test.

Alas, both are brands that I find difficult to come by even though I buy them when available.

Anyway, I may end up making some Mexican food in celebration using Epicurious’s recipes.

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