Cheeseburger recipe

-1 red onion
-equal amount to the onion of maitake mushrooms (or some other gourmet mushroom mix-Oyster, chanterelle, portobello, etc.)
Y Fenni cheese (Welsh Cheddar cheese blended with mustard seed and ale)
— Pain rustique roll

Sautee mushrooms and onions.  The onions until they are carmelised.  Cook the burgers. Flip burger and place some red dragon cheese on each burger to melt.

Remove burgers after cheese has melted from grill and place equal amount of onion and mushrooms on the burger.  It’s best with maitake mushrooms, but the gourmet mix is an acceptable substitute. The fresher the mushrooms, the better as well!

I should add that ideally you don’t see the burger since it is buried in mushrooms and carmelised onions.

Add in a nice salad and Burt’s Devon Original Crisps flavoured with just sea salt for a real treat.

This Salad is great with the burger:
–heart of romaine
–Broccoli slaw
–red onion
–feta cheese
–walnuts  (you can jazz this up by using Trader Joe’s Thai lime chili cashews)

Who says British food sucks?

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