Jones and Palin

I have to admit that as someone who grew up with British humour, such as the Goons, Monty Python, The Goodies and other Oxbridge humour that the names Terry Jones and Palin have certain connotations to me.

The Terry Jones I am familiar with is an intelligent person and we share a lot of interests (e.g., medievalism and politics). There is a yank, who shares the same name as my Terry and is some form of sick comedian. He is a weird parody of a Christian preacher. His routine is rather disgusting.

Michael Palin as far as I know is no relation to Sarah! Although Michael is nearly as funny. The problem is that Sarah ISN’T trying to be funny. She is just a sick joke version of a politician.

Between Michael and Sarah, I am not sure who looks better in lingerie! My vote is with Michael since Sarah is like a bad drag act. She should learn to dress from Eddie Izzard and Danny LaRue. The worst part about Sarah is that Tina Fey does her so much more effectively.

Personally, I prefer British humour far more than I do US humour.  The problem is that US humour has invaded the territory of Comedy.  This is due to the fact that Ronald Reagan acted as the vanguard for thespians and humourists invading US politics, which had been pretty much a joke to begin with.  Since Reagan has opened the door, the tone of US politics has become more and more bizarre.

I wrote something when I was in School that the US elections were to vote for the village idiot.  That vision from a 16 year old seems to have become a prophetic piece of writing.  The lunatics have taken over the US, which leave me wondering where are the sane US citizens?  Do they exist?  Why do they not have a voice?

There are those who predict that the world will come to an end on the 21st of May.

Lucky escape for Arsenal if it did.

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