Cassandra Bang on the Birthers

I hereby and forthwithily announce that I have joined the team of Dennis and me in writing episodes of the latest internets craze… Snarkipedia.  Snarkipedia is presented by the fabulous and intelligent Cassandra Bang and you really should check it out!!

You can see the Snarkipedia YouTube Channel here and I please feel free to link to or post any of these videos you want.

The newest video in this series addressing Medicare and other Entitlement Programs is a favorite of mine!

Snarkipedia lives at No Cure For That, a site you may or may not have in your delicious cinnamon blog rolls.  Please consider.

I apologize if you’re receiving this email in duplicate or even triplicate (bloggers and their alter-egos), but to those of you who will… please spread the Snarky word!

Solicitously Yours,
aka Freida Bee,!/freidabee
aka Mimi von Huffnsnort (who is going to come out of repressed bloggerdome any second now!),!/fluffingtonpost


Posted 02/05/2011 by lacithedog in birthers

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