Welcome to the REAL Magic Kingdom

Governments are running low on money, but don’t want to raise taxes. They are cutting services to the bone? What next?

According to BBC News: Parliament could become wedding reception venue

Well, Take that Mr. White Rabbit Republican! By being a Kingdom, the United Kingdom has a built in tourist factor that EuroDisney just can’t compete against. Why go to a fake-o Disney castle when you can have some REAL history going for you? If we get rid of the Royal Family, then what to do? Get people in funny costumes to play royalty? Personally, I prefer the real thing.

Lesser Toff have been opening their homes to the public for ages. Now, it’s time that “the Firm” catches up with the rest of British nobility and starts opening up their castles for tacky peasant weddings! Those annoying Texans can rent Windsor Castle for the real dream wedding.

It makes so much more sense than creating jobs and getting people to work.

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