The Tammienorrie by Shooglenifty at the Cambridge Folk Festival

This is a sort of booby prize since I wanted to find the Funky String Band doing “Once in a Lifetime”. I found Luke Plumb and Peter Daffy live in the Supper Room at the 2010 Cygnet Folk Festival playing Vinyl Man which is on the same album, but it wouldn’t embed.

From the Scots Wikipedia:

A Tammie norrie (Fratercula arctica) is ony o three kins o auk (or alcids) in the bird genus Fratercula (Laitin: wee brither — mibbes referin tae their black an white feathers, that leuks like monastic clouts) wi a brichtly lit beak at breedin time. They are pelagic seabirds that maistlins eats bi doukin intil the sea. They breed in muckle colonies on seawart cleuchs or islands, nestin in craggy scores or in bourie ben the yird.

Aw three species o tammie norrie haes muckle beaks. They tyne the littit ooter pairts o their beaks efter breedin time, an is left wi smawer an mair dreich beaks. Their wee weengs is makkit for soumin wi a fleein gate unner the watter. In the lift, they muive their weengs fast (up tae a hunder times a meenit) in fast flicht, aft fleein laich ower the sea.

Tammie norries is unalike mony craiturs, an insteid tak lang-term pairtners.

Sorry, You’ll have to imagine a Scottish version of the Talking Heads “Once in a Lifetime” unless you come by for a wee dram.


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