Useless knowledge

A musicology professor from the University of Leeds, Derek Scott, has come up with what he says is the formula for winning the Eurovision Song contest. Professor Scott analysed the last 50 years worth of Eurovision Contest winners to produce this winning formula. That sounds like a daunting task to me since I think of insipid pop songs (Bucks Fizz, Sandy Shaw, ad nauseum) when anyone mentions Eurovision. Professor Scott basically backs me up on this.

One formula mentions “Love” as a theme, but there are two themes Prof. Scott comes up with that make this song by Israel’s Teapacks a sure loser:

• Lyrics should bring to mind a party mood or the power of love
• Political lyrics should be extremely mild

Nuclear annihilation is a definite downer.

Just remember that great art has usually gotten a poor reception from the critics. That said, I could really care less about Eurovision.

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