I did it again!

Black's Picturesque Guide to Scotland

This blog’s claim to fame is that I found a copy of Bradhsaw’s Tourist Handbook on line which ties into Michael Portillo’s series Great British Railways Journeys and Portillo links to this site! The fun bit is that Bradshaw’s Tourist Handbook is next to impossible to find (Michael Portillo bought one of the few copies).

This time, It’s Paul Murton’s Grand Tours of Scotland and Black’s Picturesque Guide to Scotland. Unlike Bradshaw’s, Black’s Picturesque Guide to Scotland is much easier to find, although the condition of any copy you find may not be very good.  Also, you may not find the same edition that Murton uses (I believe 20th and from the 1860s).  Of course, Black’s has been republished in numerous different editions.  Later editions from the early 20th Century are not as ellaborate as the one used by Murton.  Try for ones made in the period of 1860-1870s to have a similar copy to the one used by Murton.

This book can be found fairly easily at used book stores.  Online try abebooks or alibris.

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