Steelband music?

Somehow my mother would buy steelband records when we visited the Islands (Read Bermuda, The Cayman Islands, and Virgin Islands) during my youth even though these Island were not where steelpan music comes from (Trinidad and Tobago). As I grew older, I got into the Reggae family of music as well as Soca and Zouk. Which added toward my taste in World music. As a girlfriend said when I was around 18: “if he offers to play Tibetan Chants–he’s not joking!”

Our honeymoon in 2006 was spent on Saint Vincent where we had authentic steelband music.

Anyway, I’ve managed to come up with the more authentic discs that my mum bought over the years which was the Brute Force Steelband of Antigua, but my post about Bermuda Shorts has me thinking about Hubert Smith Junior and the Esso Steelband of Bermuda and the pictured album that we have a vinyl copy somewhere about (I don’t toss books or music). There must be a CD of it somewhere. Or has this LP gone the way of Triminghams?

Ah! The memories!

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