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For some really strange reason, I have been chosen to receive a trial subscription to China Daily. My first reaction was that it’s for the dog, but she can’t read. I also assume that she is fairly apolitical as well. She’s happy as long as she can chase squirrels in peace.

Anyway, one of the counterpropaganda techniques is to be able to recognise it. Although, it’s not really hard to do that with China Daily. First off, it spends most of its time puffing The PRC. I do have to admit that there were some intersting stories, such as Dagong International Credit Rating Co. has already downgraded the US Credit rating in relation to QE2.  Not that such an action really makes that much difference in the “free market economy”.

I have to admit that I am desperate enough for newspaper delivery that I am willing to take a free subscription to this rag just for the laughs. I do have to admit that daily newspaper delivery WAS one amenity that the US had over the UK. Although, some newpapers have stopped regular delivery (e.g., Detroit’s and Ann Arbor’s).  Of course, Newspaper delivery was never really much of  a fixture here.


Posted 16/07/2011 by lacithedog in China, media, propaganda

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