He’s got the look!

My Bermuda Shorts outfit

I’ve been threatening for some time to try the accepted Bermudian business dress, which I mentioned in my fashion for a changing climate post.  The weather is finally getting unbearably warm to the extent that I really couldn’t care less what people think–I want something that is going to be comfortable!  Unfortunately, supplex shirts aren’t going to be acceptable wear for business anytime soon*.

Surprisingly enough, the outfit received more positive comments than I expected.  Sure, it does look like a boy’s school uniform, but I’ll always opt for comfort where comfort is concerned!

I’ve been told that I have the legs to pull this off (and the kilt as well).

I just wish I had the hair!

* Supplex nylon has a unique moisture-management treatment to help disperse perspiration. It looks and feels like cotton, but dries much faster.

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