Ramadan Recipes from Epicurious

I just received an e-mail from Epicurious reminding me that this year the Muslim holiday Ramadan begins August 1.

Prepare for a month of nightly feasts with these iftar recipes for breaking the Ramadan fast. Make essential entrées with our how-to videos and get amazing African dishes from chef Marcus Samuelsson


OK, I’ll admit that their Sephardic Passover fare has started a trend amongst my wife’s family: in particular the Charoset and Matzo Scallion Pancakes (add a red onion and garlic to the recipe).  Anyway, I thought I would pass this on to the Muslim community since it might introduce them to the wide variety of cooking in the Islamic World.  I’ve had the Malaysian Curry, Indonesian Nasi Goreng, Ethiopian doro wett, and–pretty much all the recipes on this page. That gives you an idea of how large the Islamic world is!

And since you should be good and hungry with all the fasting

Enjoy! You might start some new traditions in your home as well. Ma’salama!

Microdot suggests the French Site http://www.marmiton.org/, which isn’t only in French, but uses European measurements (e.g. gas 6)

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