iPlayer is better with Linux. Life is better with Linux.

I have to admit that I now use Ubuntu pretty much whenever I can, but the latest get_iplayer Digest has made me realise that it makes sense to use a linux based OS for that programme.  The error message one recieves when using the windows version reiterates that fact:

WARNING: Stream does not start with requested FLV frame

First off, get-iplayer is a linux based programme.  RTMPDump tends to work with that error to start the recording at the place where the download stopped, unlike when using windows where you have to delete the file.  You do have to install ffmpeg separately to get the file converted from Flashvideo.

Linux will eventually find the proper spot and resume recording the flash stream.

I’m finding the results of using get_iplayer with linux are very favourable.


Posted 02/08/2011 by lacithedog in BBC iplayer, get_iplayer, iplayer, Linux, Ubuntu

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