Modesty Blaise

I have to admit to having two comic heroes (heroine?) growing up:Jeff Hawke and Modesty Blaise.  I was hoping for a better picture of Jeff Hawke in his space suit with the Union Jack Patch, but this will have to do.  Sydney Jordan has published a couple of books of Jeff Hawke strips, but they are not as satisfying as the material out there for Modesty Blaise.

Modesty Blaise is pretty well represented with this song by Sparks for a film that was never made, which I happen to like.  There are two terrible films out there, the first from the sixties being rather cartoonish (Terrence Stamp is a terrible Willie Garvin) even more disappointing that it was directed by Joseph Losey.  The Second has an imprimatur by Quentin Tarantino, but was not made by him that I think is particularly awful. She has a comic strip (with compilations of the strips), novels, and radio plays.

Anyway, there is a woman blogger out there who reminds me of Modesty Blaise maybe more in spirit than reality.

I dedicate this song to her.

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