Ripper yarns?

There is this trend in Ripperology (that is the Study of Jack the Ripper) to want to find the actual killer. There are many favourites out there, such as Patricia Cornwell’s fingering Walter Sickert. Personally, I go with the Scottish legal verdict of “not proven” on most of these perps.

Dr Xanthe Mallett a Forensic anthropologist from the University of Dundee of the BBC programme History Cold Case has come up with a e-fit picture of one of these suspects, Carl Feigenbaum.

I’ve heard the case for this person being the Ripper, but am not sure about him.

Dr. Mallet is really super when it comes to finding the identities of historic John and Jane Does (coming from me that is really super Kudos, Dr. Mallet). I have to admit that she is probably bang on in her e-fit here, but I want more evidence before consider sending Feigenbaum to the gallows.

Of Course, Dr. Mallet could always enlist the rest of the History Cold Case crew to provide a very convincing case. Maybe enough to sway this criminal defence barrister that conviction is the ticket.

I couldn’t think of a better team to handle this task.

Anyway, this will be on episode four of National Treasures Live and sounds like an interest view.

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