Raiding the Divine BBC Archive?

The BBC One TV show Take Three Girls was first broadcast in 1969 and was about about three single “girls” sharing a London flat between the end of the “swinging” sixties and the start of the “glam” seventies. The Theme song for the series, Light Flight, was performed by The Pentangle and is featured on their album Basket of Light.

Although, it is a true sign that this series was made in the sixties that the “girls” would now be described as “women” in these politically correct times. An interesting note, a 1982 remake of this series was titled “Take Three Women” which showed the original characters at a later stage in their lives.

The one actress from this series that comes to mind is Susan Jameson (Kate–the single mum), who now plays Esther Lane on New Tricks. She’s also been on Doctor Who, To Serve Them All My Days, and other British Classic TV.

Another is Carolyn Seymour, AKA Abby Grant from the Original Survivors was one of the “girls” who has a fair amount of exposure.

Not that the other “girls” were any less notable, says he who just saw Liza Goddard in an Old Bergerac (Ice Queen) which was the impetus for this post.

Of course, the BBC in its infinite wisdom trashed the original shows through its idiotic archiving polices (see Snail Races). Fortunately, this idiocy ended in 1978.  Unfortunately, it didn’t end soon enough for a great deal of classic British Television (and Radio) to get trashed.

It seems that only 10 of the Original 24 episodes of Take Three Girls still exist.  Although, I am not sure how useful that information is if the shows aren’t available for viewing on DVD or Video.

Although, I did find this neat, but probably useless search engine:

We need another Bob Monkhouse here!

This is to keep you guessing:

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