Is it just me or…

Does BBC’s Coast presenter Nicholas Crane






Remind anyone else of Wally from the Where’s Wally Series?

Skinny bloke with glasses and brolly found everywhere in the world?  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a more appropriate picture of Crane.

It seems that I am not alone in this observation, The Telegraph’s Michael Deacon thinks sort of the same thing:

When I say that Nicholas Crane, the presenter of BBC Two’s geography series Town with Nicholas Crane, reminds me of the hero of Where’s Wally?, I don’t mean that I think he is a wally, or that he appears to be lost. It’s just his expression, his demeanour. Like Wally, he has a lanky, awkward innocence about him; and, again like Wally, he somehow manages to appear both cheerful and anxious at the time

I sort of disagree, Crane has that cheerful adventurousness that I imagine Wally having as he journeys all over the world.

At least Crane has better dress sense than Wally.

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