How fickle are the programming deities at the BBC?

Yes, Deities.

I find the people who do the programming respond well to flattery.

And loads of public requests.

In this case, I was lazy about watching Frost on Nixon and setting iPlayer up to download it.

And, I’m kicking myself for failing to do that.

Frost’s 1977 interviews that totalled 28 hours and 45 minutes with ex-President Nixon were history making. They gained record audiences and the events that surrounded them later became the subject of both a West End play and an Oscar-nominated film, Frost Nixon. The most important part of these interviews is that it is believed that Nixon admitted and apologised to the American people for the Watergate Scandal.

I remember these events, which was probably why I neglected to “tape” this interview. Still, it would be interesting to see this two hour rehash.

I hope this will be rebroadcast soon.

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