Apologies to the BBC–Colditz is available on DVD!

I have been bitching about the BBC’s archival policies from the 1970s and moaning that the Series Colditz was unavailable on DVD. This was a classic BBC series from the 1970s that was available in bootleg versions. I had to admit that I was afraid this was one of the series that was wiped and would never make it to DVD. Although, the bootleg I saw of it was from a Classic British TV Channel and the quality was standard broadcast quality.

It is very well written and has a fair amount of historical accuracy and was made from the same crew that made the series Secret Army. The main characters were played by David McCallum, Edward Hardwicke, Jack Hedley, Richard Heffer, Bernard Hepton, Christopher Neame, Peter Penry-Jones (the father of Spooks’ Rupert Penry-Jones), and Robert Wagner. Watch out for a young Dennis Waterman as a German Propaganda Ministry man in episode 6. Other familiar faces include Geoffrey Palmer, Michael Gough, Patrick Troughton, Peter Barkworth, Kenneth Griffith, Ronald Lacey, Ray Smith, Willie Rushton et al. The list is almost endless. A veritable Who’s Who of acting talent of the time.

Anyway, it seems that the series has been on DVD since November 2010. The show has an average of 5 stars on amazon and is well worth watching.

So, I have been incorrect in saying this classic wasn’t available, but I wish I had known about its reissue a while back.

And I just placed my order with amazon before writing this post.

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