Who and How to complain to the BBC about the Goodies?

I’ve been wanting to do a post about the Goodies and their connection to Monty Python. For those not  in the know, the Goodies are also classic British Humour, although it was more visual than Monty Python. The show was sort of like the US’s Rocky and Bullwinkle in that it played to all ages. There is a belief that the controller of the BBC during the 1980s did not personally like the series. John Howard Davies has stated, on the ‘Return of The Goodies‘ reunion programme that he did not want to broadcast any Goodies repeats.

The BBC has issued DVDs of select episodes, but the BBC was never enthusiastic about promoting them when it released two videos of the series in the 1990s. The cast finally took matters into their own hands and arranged with Network Video for the release of digitally-remastered “best of” selections.

I know a similar effort of public appeals to the Beeb’s powers that be produced a set of the Colditz Series.

I should add that there is a bootleg issue out there as well of the Complete Goodies:

While the bootleg may be for “a good cause”, these are bootlegs with the poor quality associated with such disks. Not to mention the artists (and the Beeb) don’t see any royalties from these disks.

Maybe, we can get the Beeb to see sense even if they dislike the series!  After all, they need to get some revenue for these programmes.

So, if we can get the name(s) of the powers that be who make these decisions, maybe they can be persuaded to get their act together.

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