Cheesy Pub! Cheesy Pub!

Okee Dokee, I have been wanting to write a complaint about how pretty much all my locals have gone gastro on me: you know, posh, expensive beer and fancy overpriced cuisine.  The fish and chips are overpriced, not to mention the fish is the size of a golfball.  Or it’s some type of fish unheard of to mankind: tilapia instead of cod, haddock or plaice.   The type of thing these people are complaining about:

Anyway, I think I am finally going to go to a pub frequented by tourists.  Frequented, hell, it’s a tourist trap: hence cheesy pub.  This just to try and find some decent fish and chips. I mean Monte Carlo or Crispy Cod & The Famous Sotos Greek Taverna: and the latter just doesn’t sound right to me, unless I want a doner kebab.

Ok, define decent, something which is like what I used to get as a kid.  Yeah, yeah, you can’t have it in newspapers.  It’s really best by the seaside.  Not to mention being spoiled living near the best chippie in Exeter.  And don’t think that I am the only one being picky here!

The thing is that this is such a subjective thing that its amazing.  Googling Best Fish and Chips is an experience in and of itself.

Ah well. The hunt is on!

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