Arbroath smokies for Saint Andrew’s Day?

OK, Saint Andrew’s Day is at the end of this month and I am getting my menu together. I was unable to come up with venison for some reason last year, not sure whether it was I decided to prepare late or what. Also, the prices I was being quoted were outrageous for medallions, but I found some for £10.

One down on the menu!

Arbroath Smokies are smoked haddock, which are the speciality of the town of Arbroath. The European Commission registered the designation “Arbroath Smokies” as a Protected Geographical Indication under the EU’s Protected Food Name Scheme, acknowledging its unique status in 2004. That means the only place you can buy them is the town of Arbroath! or from this place online.

I can thank (blame?) Neil Oliver for turning me on to these, but they are tasty as heck–even if the only place you can get them is Arbroath! I have to admit the temptation to order them from this place. Arbroath Smokies Direct says they will deliver smokies in vacuum packages to anywhere in the UK! That sounds like a really a good deal! I do have to admit that I am truly tempted even though I know that smokies are best fresh. But, that’s not always a possibility!

So far there is:

I’m not sure what to use as a starter and if I want more courses than just the appetiser, main, and desert.  I’m not sure if Cullen Skink would be a headache to make.

Maybe some sort of smoked salmon nibbles, but they aren’t Arbroath smokies!

I’m using these cookbooks as resources in addition to what I have above:

  • Paul Harris and Karen Bailey’s A Little Scottish Cookbook
  • Christopher Trotter’s The Scottish Kitchen
  • Carol Wilson and Christopher Trotter’s Scottish Traditional Recipes
  • Sue Lawrence’s Scottish Kitchen

Any other ideas? I have some old menus that I can look at, but this is pretty much a tenative menu.

The nice thing is that Whisky is optional.  Actually, it was traditional to drink Bordeau wine prior to phylloxera.  Whisky really didn’t come into popularity until late in the 19th Century!  So, wine with dinner!

Unless it’s Burns’ Night!

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