Good Lord! Its been over 21 years of Rab C. Nesbitt!

And for some strange reason, I broke down and bought the first 8 seasons on DVD (Along with the scripts–in case I miss something).  For those not in the know, Rab has a very thick Glaswegian accent.  Rab is the lowest of the low, an alcoholic on the dole.  Now, how the hell could that be funny?

Yes, extremely politically incorrect.

The Series began in 1988 on BBC Scotland with the Christmas special entitled Rab C Nesbitt’s Seasonal Greet.  It didn’t become a regular series until 1990.  It’s a much darker form of comedy than most people are used to (even by British Standards): after all it is about an unemployed, Glaswegian alcoholic!  topics ranged from alcoholism to Neo-Nazis to cannibalism to STDs. It has also featured David Tennant as a transexual barmaid who, despite highly speculated gender, holds the affection of everyone.

Here’s an intro to Rab:

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