Rick Perry Meets the Spanish Inquisition

OK, Rick Perry’s latest gaff in Detroit reminded me of Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition sketch:

I was curious if anyone else had the same reaction and came up with this:

Of course, life imitates art, but there could be a better script than the one in the above video:

NOBODY expects Rick Perry! The chief Agency I will dismantle is Commerce…Commerce and Education…Commerce and Education…. The two Agencies I will dismantle are Commerce and Education…and The EPA…. .The three Agencies I will dismantle are Commerce, Education, and The EPA …and The Department of Energy…. The four…no… Amongst the Agencies I will dismantle…. Amongst Agencies I will dismantle…are Commerce, Education…. I’ll come in again.

NOBODY expects expects Rick Perry! Amongst the Agencies I will dismantle are such diverse ones as: Commerce, Education, The EPA, and The Department of Energy, and Housing and Urban Development – Oh damn!

Dominic Dezzutti also had the same observation.

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