Internet Radio

OK, my vie sans frontiers prefers to not have my information blocked by geographic and other details.  I was a real short wave fan when I was a teen.  Short Wave in those days was really entertaining since it was during the Cold War.  Radio Tirana in Albania was my fav back then for what I describe as news from a stereotypical authoritarian regime.  Now, Short Wave is just the dominion of the total crazies.  To some extent, so is the Internet, but there is also a lot of gems out there.  One of them being internet radio.

Internet radio features several thousand stations and can be accessed by web browsers.  But there are some units out there that allow one to receive internet radio directly via your wi-fi connection.  Unlike satellite radio, internet radio is free and comes through your internet connection.  That in and of itself is the benefit of internet radio since for the most part reception is crap where I live.  I have had to ditch my NAD Tuner since it couldn’t get anything worth listening to.  That means I listen to regular transistor radio receivers.

On the other hand, I can get anything I am truly interested in on the internet.  That means there are all classical music stations, or news stations, or…The list is pretty much limited by your imagination.  I could get NPR material, but realised that it is mostly crap.  Anyway, why listen to NPR when trusted news sources such as the BBC World Service or Radio Nederland Wereldomroep are available on the internet?

The real problem is the stand alone receivers for internet radio since they haven’t really come down in price since they were introduced.  Additionally, there are no wireless internet radio alarm clocks worth mentioning.  Most of them are not really alarm clocks, or they are not of proper quality: not to mention far more expensive than a regular alarm clock!  That means the radio needs to come from a PC connected to a stereo.  Some boffin needs to create an internet radio component that is both PC and AV unit at a decent price and then publicise the thing.

Then we can add in services such as BBC’s iPlayer and 4oD to the mix which makes it sound as if what is needed is some form of small computer that can be browser and AV unit in one.  The ultimate problem is how does one make this material playable throughout a home network?  I just added UPnP to this post.  Personally, I tend to be a user who listens to internet radio and TV as well as my music files on my home system.  I’ve tried various methods to broadcast the material (e.g., home radio transmitter units) with minimal success.

Anyway, the big part of this piece is that internet radio could be far more accessible if someone could come up with a better way to access this material.  Although, I do have to admit to wanting something which is a cheap stand alone internet radio unit to listen to that material throughout my house.

Short of wiring my house for sound.

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