Being Had

A couple of things hint to me that there is a new series of shows on the BBC: My stats count rises as hits start coming from Michael Portillo’s site (Great British Railway Journeys is now on Series 3) and they repeat old shows. In this case, Being Human series three is being repeated.

I’m not sure how or why the Beeb is coming out with series 4 of Being Human since Mitchell (Aidan Turner) was killed off in series 3. Unless he did a Herrick, I’m not sure he will be replaced–or wanted to be revived. Of course, I ignored that the Beeb announced this back in March of last year. Maybe I should say I didn’t care about a remake after Series 3’s ending. Not to mention it sounds as if Russell Tovey won’t be in the new series, which means most of the interesting characters are gone.

I’m still undecided as to whether Lenora Crichlow is hot or not. Although, I do tend toward hot. I’d watch it for her. There was someone who used to work in my local gorcers who reminded me of Sinead Keenan. I always wanted to ask her if she was a werewolf!

OK, the why question could be answered with this was a popular series, which included the inevitable US attempt at remaking it.

The other issue is that there was a pilot to the Series, which featured Andrea Riseborough as Annie. The other important thing about the Pilot is that is supposedly explained what exactly is going on in the series. According to the Being Human affeciandos, and the series creator, the Pilot was pretty important, yet the Beeb has only broadcast it six times as of the time this was written. All the broadcasts were made in 2008 as well.

I should add that the Pilot actually sounds quite interesting since it not only explains what is going on, but also had some interesting cast changes (e.g. Andrea Riseborough as Annie and Adrian Lester as Herrick). I have to admit an interest in seeing Adrian Lester playing the Herrick character since I think he would put a different spin on it from Jason Watkins. Would Lester be as affable as Herrick as he was as Micky Bricks in Hustle?

Not only that, the Series one DVD didn’t contain the pilot. That wasn’t the only omission in the Series one DVD since the fans say that the original music was changed due to licensing BS. The music might be an affront to fans, but the Pilot would be useful to those of us who are wondering what is going on here.

That said, I would have preferred that the Beeb rerun the Pilot than rebroadcast Series 3. They could always have come up with a short recap of the previous 3 series for those of us who would want that. I don’t think my curiousity is that piqued by a fourth series to want to catch it. Although, I do know that the fans will want another fix.

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