More thoughts on BBC funding

I thought about adding this to my previous post, but it is more of a comment made in jest than one with any serious value–the BBC could adopt the same model as US Public broadcasting–with fundraisers and “underwriting”.  Of course, that wouldn’t go over very well since people already pay TV licence fees.  Additionally, I am not sure of the compliance with UK TV Licence fees, but I would hazard a guess that it is much better than that of people who pay for US public broadcasting.  Toss in that “underwriting” is basically a euphemism for commericals and it would be cause for revolt amongst the licence holders.

Likewise, US commercial broadcasting mostly runs along cable or other providers such that most of the programming is commercials of some sort.  That is tremendously annoying if one is paying for cable or satellite to have to sit through what is mostly commercials.

So, I have no problem with the TV licence fee or paying for the services if my contribution will keep the programming non-commercial.

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