Fun with flags!

I wasn’t sure what to call this post–“the sun never sets…”, but since this seems more appropriate since this is more about hard to find flags.

For example, the British Antarctic Territory flag is next to impossible to find even though the buggers exist.

Another one which is hard to find is the old British Indian Colonial Flag, aka the Star of India Flag.There are no cheapies on the market.  The real deal is hard as heck to find since the Indians deBritishised the country after the Raj, which means a full sized one is prohibitive if you can find it in the first place.

It seems that CRW Flags in Glen Burnie, Maryland (USA) carries quite a few of these.  Impressively, they carry both the Red and Blue Colonial Indian Ensigns!  And the British Antarctic Territory flag as well!

Flagsonline (Italy) carries quite a few interesting flags.  They have the Indian Viceroy’s flag and the flags of all the Sienna Contrade, who are the folk who run the Palio.  Although, Flagsonline isn’t very good about listing that option.  You can write them for info on that one.

I guess any post on this topic wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Flag Guys who are a customer oriented flag dealer with a pretty good selection.

Short of going to a custom flag maker the three flag dealers above are pretty good sources for hard to find flags.

I’m still looking for a post 1801 British East India Company flag.  Wish me luck!

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