Daniel Radcliffe moves on

I guess I should pay attention to Daniel Radcliffe’s career since he gained his fame from J.K. Rowling’s  Harry Potter Franchise–and I have lots of reasons for promoting Jo’s books as well.

Not that Daniel hasn’t done other things besides Harry Potter, e.g. December Boys, My Boy Jack, The Tailor of Panama, and David Copperfield.  Let’s not forget that he was performing nude scenes in Equus on the London stag e as well  during his tenure as Harry Potter (so much for those doctored pics of Emma Watson!). But, he gained his fame from the Harry Potter series for being, well, Harry Potter.

His first post-Potter film is coming out called Woman in Black, which is a a gothic horror picture with the following plotline:

London lawyer Arthur Kipps (Radcliffe) ventures to a remote community where children are kept indoors out of fear of a supernatural menace. As Arthur investigates the town’s secrets, the ghastly Woman in Black appears to seek revenge for her son’s death.

It seems that this is getting mixed reviews, which I will attribute to various reasons.  Radcliffe does have acting ability if you are willing to look beyond the Harry Potter films, although he may still need to work on his chops to get past the more severe of his critics.  Those are the people who will always see Radcliffe as Harry no matter what else he may do and how well he may do it.

I could add in some of Radcliffe’s young co-stars Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Tom Felton amongst the others who are also doing non-Potter roles (although, does Felton feel a bit like the Panto villain?).  It seems a shame that they may have to live with their Potter successes unlike the older name actors who played beside them.

While Radcliffe didn’t expect an Oscar for the Potter series, some of his costars have similar awards–what’s to stop him and the others from similar successes?  I wish them all well whatever they may choose to do and hope that they do not falll into the problems which child stars have been known to succomb.

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